Successfully running an e-commerce business is a tough task, whether it is a brand or a mid-sized company. We all agree to this fact, so what next? An e-commerce Virtual Assistant is definitely a savior in this situation.

If you have an e-commerce store, you have to do a lot of your task all by yourself. Updating products, adding new products, updating prices, managing promotions, handling shipping, providing customer service, the list never ends.

If you are a business owner, it is best for you to run and grow your business. Your main focus should always be to help your company reach greater heights. That?s definitely not to say the daily and administrative tasks are not important. Rather, they are usually time-consuming.

It becomes crucial for a business to handle the tasks all by itself.  That is why it is always important to look out for an outsourcing company or probably an e-commerce virtual assistant, who can help you run your online store. And you are now freeing more time to focus on the strategic approach to grow your business so that your revenue increases.

There are countless e-commerce virtual assistant services, especially offshore services, which you can utilize depending on the needs of your e-commerce business or any type of business you have. Outsourcing the services costs less too. They are skilled and know-how to carry out their tasks, helping you to become more productive. And a contract with your virtual assistant costs much less than hiring full-time employees.

Your E-Commerce Virtual Assistant would do the following:

Update web pages if you changed your price or services, add products or delete the products if not being sold as well as adding new team members.

Check if there are any broken links and fix the same.

Ensure the images used for products are of the highest quality to enhance its appearance.

Update your copyright date to ensure it’s up to date.  An outdated copyright date would make people think you are no longer in business or misuse data.

Keep on writing? latest news? about your business. If you do not have the latest news section, your e-commerce VA will help to build the page and update it regularly to engage your customers.

  1. Inventory Management:  Virtual assistant will help you with inventory management. An e-commerce VA who has good knowledge of inventory management will monitor your stocks and the level of stocks. They will also update your website depending on the availability of products that the suppliers have on-hand and in their warehouse. They will inform you whether you need to refill certain products in your inventory.
  2. Order processing:  Orders are important for any kind of business, especially in an e-commerce setting. An e-commerce VA will handle your company’s orders, like order entry, shipping, and invoicing.  They will compile the orders, and send invoices to your customers via drop-shipping companies or shipping companies, as well as other daily tasks related to order management.
  3. Stock Management: Your e-commerce Virtual Assistant will not only help with inventory management but will keep your stocks filled.  He would work with your suppliers, send bills and invoices to account payables, manage to keep your virtual shelves and warehouses filled so you do not have to worry about stock refilling.
  4. Return of Orders:  It is very important for an e-commerce business to contact their customers whenever they want to return the certain products and help make returning products easier for them. Your virtual assistant will manage any return of products. They would communicate directly with the customers and suppliers via email to help them return the product with ease and initiate refunds.
  5. Customer Service: Customers are very important for any type of business. And a good business always works harder to make its customers feel happy and satisfied. But customer service is a time-consuming task. Your virtual assistant, skilled in customer service skills can answer customer’s queries via email, phone, or chat in real-time. They would also handle any unsatisfied customers smartly to retain them.  Not only this, the VA would help customers regarding lost shipments and products.
  6. Writing and Submitting Press Releases: If your virtual assistant is proficient in writing, they would write press releases and submit them on PR websites to gain more traffic to your e-commerce store. This would improve sales considerably.

So why do you think most e-commerce businesses always work with a Virtual assistant team? The reason is quite simple; they free up enough time so that they can focus on the game plan needed to grow their business, instead of using this valuable time on daily administrative tasks which they can gain through an e-commerce virtual assistant.  Your e-commerce VA should be your best bet if you want the growth of your business.

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